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Renfrew of the Mounties - Based on the stories written by Laurie York Erskine the adventure series RENFREW OF THE MOUNTED/SYN/1953 followed the exploits of R.C.M.P. officer  Douglas Renfrew as he maintained law and order in the Canadian frontier with his canine sidekick, Lightning the dog.

James Newill as Douglas Renfrew - a scene from the 1937 movie RENFREW OF THE MOUNTED
Renfrew the singing Mountie

Renfrew of the Mounted Police began as a fifteen-minute CBS radio serial in 1938 about one Inspector Douglas Renfrew (House Jameson) and his close friend, Carol Girard (Joan Baker). Between 1938 and 1940, became a half-hour program that aired on NBC Blue radio network.

Here is a sample of the regular opening of the program:

[The radio program began with a sound of blowing wind, the sound of a wolf howling (provided by Brad Barker)]


“Rennnnnnnfrewwwwwww! Renfrew of the Mounted! 

[Loud blast of a whistle]


Renfrew reporting. Ready for action!


"Once again we bring you Renfrew of the Mounted another story of the famous inspector of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, known to thousands of admirers through the books and stories of Laurie York Erskine. Adapted to radio by George Ludlum...Today Renfrew investigates the strange case of Corporal Malcolm Sandes... "

Renfrew of the Mounted Police spawned a total of eight films, including Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937) wherein Jams Newill played a singing Royal Mountie in hot pursuit of counterfeiters. The other films were:

  • Renfrew on the Great White Trail (1938)
  • Fighting Mad (1939)
  • Crashing Thru (1939)
  • Danger Ahead (1940)
  • Murder on the Yukon (1940)
  • Sky Bandits (1940)

It was these feature films that were used as the basis for the 1953 TV series wherein an older James Newill as host introduced excepts from the movies.

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