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Small Town Police

Dog River, Saskatchwan - The rural situation comedy CORNER GAS/CTV/2004+ featured the residents of a small prairie community in Canada where not much happens.

Lorne Cardinal as officer Davis Quinton, Tara Spencer-Nairn as officer Karen Pelly - CORNER GAS

The town has two full-time police officers:

  • Lorne Cardinal as senior officer Davis Quinton who enjoys the peace and quiet of Dog River. His philosophy is "the town is paying us to do nothing, so that's what I give them." When he has the chance, Davis likes to sleep in his patrol car.
  • Tara Spencer-Nairn as Karen Pelly, the rookie police officer dislikes the peace and quiet of Dog River and is always hoping for some action.

Davis: Proper billy-club use Karen, that's the secret. I find it helps if you give your billy-club a name. You know what I call mine?
Karen: Billy?
Davis: Anyways, a billy-club is a cop's best friend.
Karen: I thought you said a gun was a cop's best friend.
Davis: Well, a gun is more like a cop's lover. There's some things you tell your gun that you'd never tell a lover. And sometimes your lover and your best friend don't get along. Or maybe you go out with one and the other gets mad at you 'cause you didn't go out with it!
Karen: You're divorced right?

Karen: "... and any firing of the sidearm shall warrant a full and thorough internal report to be executed and filed by a fellow officer."
Davis: How are we supposed to know what's right and what's wrong, when they keep adding new rules?
Karen: This was published in 1964.
Davis: I wasn't even a cop in '64, how am I supposed to know that stuff?

Karen: Where'd you get the cash for that stun gun? I thought you were gonna use the surplus to buy bullet proof vests.
Davis: I saved a little money by buying bullet "resistant" vests.

Karen: Davis? Come in, Davis.
Davis: Go ahead, Karen.
Karen: We got a 10-19 in progress.
Davis: Trouble at the Mini Putt?

The citizens whom officers Quinton and Pelly served included:

  • Brent Butt as Brent Le Roy, the owner of Corner Gas service station who likes to read comic books.
  • Nancy Robertson as Wanda Dollard, Brent's intelligent but sarcastic employee at Corner Gas.
  • Gabrielle Miller as Lacey Burrows, a recent resident to Dog River (from Toronto) who own and operates The Ruby, the  roadside diner next to Corner Gas
  • Eric Peterson as Oscar LeRoy, Brent's ill-tempered father who calls everybody "Jackass."
  • Janet Wright as Emma LeRoy, Oscar's tough but sensible wife who likes to knit.
  • Fred Ewaniuk as Hank Yarbo, Brent's idiot best friend from childhood.

Citizens of Dog River: Lacey, Brent, Hank, Oscar, Emma, Wanda

CORNER GAS was filmed at Regina’s new Canada/Saskatchewan Production Studios and on location in Rouleau, Saskatchewan.

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