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H.I.T. - Human Investigation Team was a group of four misfits with special powers featured on the sci-fi adventure THE MISFITS OF SCIENCE/NBC/1985-86.


The teenagers were part of a special project run by Humandyne Research Company that examined humans with special abilities (fantastic and yet freakish powers). The teen were supervised by Doctor Billy Hayes (Dean Paul Martin), who reported to the Dick Stemeyer, the head of the organization.

Not content with their guinea pig existance, the teens put their special powers to practical use by forming H.I.T. The HIT team members had the abilities to shrink; to turn to ice; to move objects psychokinetically; to produce electrical energy; and to run at wink-of-an-eye speeds.

The H.I.T. team members and associates included:

  • Dean Paul Martin as Dr. Billy Hayes (Team leader)
  • Kevin Peter Hall as Dr. Elvin 'El' Lincoln (can shrink)
  • Mark Thomas Miller as John 'Johnny B' Bukowski (theows lightign bolst from hs foingers)
  • Courteney Cox as Gloria Dinallo (telekinetic powers)
  • Jennifer Holmes as Jane Miller (Jenifer's cousin, Leslie)
  • Max Wright as Dick Stetmeyer (Gloria's probation officer)
  • Diane Cary as Miss Nance

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