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Night Watch - Futuristic "Big Brother" group assigned to report acts of disloyalty to members of EarthGov on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5 SYN/1994-98.

Night Watch Insignia - BABYLON 5

Members of Night Watch (named for "those who stood faithful in the dark") wore black arm bands and received an additional 50 credits per week to relay their findings to the Earth's main headquarters.

During their indoctrination speech, new members were informed "As the name implies you must be watchful "for those who undermine the public good."

The Night Watch group would then find these people, embrace them and reeducate them back into society (thus protecting them against their own worse instincts).

Night Watch Arm Patch

The Night Watch (a branch of the Ministry of Peace) was later thrown off Babylon 5 when they seceded from the Earth Alliance.

Unfortunately, a group of homicidal zealots remained onboard to wreak havoc on those who refused to follow in the footsteps of their jack-booted ways.

These few fanatics were eventually caught or killed and finally Night Watch's hold on Babylon 5 was rendered impotent.

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