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Sci-Fi Police

Space Precinct - Law enforcement agency set in the year 2040 on the sci-fi series SPACE PRECINCT/SYN/1994-95.

Lt. Patrick Brogan - SPACE PRECINCT

Based in the City of Demeter, the officers of Precinct 88 were sworn to serve and protect a variety of alien life forms (Tarns, Creons, Zyronites, etc.) on and near the Planet Altor.

Lt. Patrick Brogan (Ted Shackleford), a former New York City cop signed on for a tour of duty at Space Precinct while his wife Sally (Nancy Paul) and their kids Matt, 14 (Nick Klein) and Liz, 10 (Megan Olive) shared in the adventures.

Brogan's human friends on the force included:

  • Simone Bendix as Officer Jane Castle,  beautiful young English policewoman, who has been on Altor for about a year
  • Joseph Mydell as Lionel Carson, a medical and computer expert
  • Rob Youngblood as Jack Haldane who worked with Brogan on Earth with the NYPD.

The non-human officers were:

  • Tarn officers from the planet Simter:
    • David Quilter as Sgt. Thorald Fredo
    • Colette Hiller/Mary Woodvine as Officer Aurelia Took who had pointy-ears and a third eye in their forehead. She was telepathic
  • Fish-faced Creons from the planet Danae:
    • Gary Martin/Tom Watt as Beezle
    • Kieron Jecchinis/Richard James as Hubble Orrin
    • Lou Hirsch as Silas Romek 
    • Jerome Willis as Captain Rexton Podly who speaks with an Irish accent
  • Voice of Gary Martin as Slomo, the station’s RSA (Robotic Secretarial Assistant), a small, mobile robot police robot who helped around the precinct.

Officers Aurelia 
                                Took and Jane Castle - SPACE PRECINCT
Officers Aurelia Took and Jane Castle

Creon Officers - SPACE PRECINCT
Creon Officers

This British syndicated series (originally titled "Space Police") was created by veteran producer Gerry Anderson (of FIREBALL XL-5, THUNDERBIRDS, SPACE: 1999 and UFO fame).

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