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Balltown - Mythical town of friendly, bouncy ball-shaped creatures seen on the animated children's series BALLTOWN.


The residents of Balltown consist of:

  • Billy Beachball
  • Betty Beachball
  • Bobby Baseball
  • Bo Basketball
  • Barbara Bowlingball
  • Blackball
  • Bugsie Bowlingball
  • Calvin Cannonball
  • Christopher Cricketball
  • Doc Medicineball
  • Freddy Football
  • Gavin Gumball
  • Gary Golfball
  • Glitterball
  • Harriet Hockeyball
  • Milly Mothball
  • Milton Meatball
  • Nellie Netball
  • Ollie Oddball
  • Peter Pinball
  • Paul Poolball
  • Ping Pongball
  • Rowan Rugbyball
  • Sally Squashball
  • Samantha Softball
  •  Sammy Soccerball
  • Sharon Snowball
  • Suzie Superball
  • Tabitha Tennisball
  • Timothy Tennisball
  • Vernon Volleyball

In and around Balltown, the local sites include a museum called "The Hall of Legendary Balls" and the notorious "smelly old cave" where lives the Snookerball Gang.

Designed for children 3-7 years of age, the Balltown series was created by psychology graduate, therapist, and best-selling self-help writer Lee Johnson. The series has aired in South Africa and is looking for more markets to promote its messages of social values, and universal life skills.


Theme Song Lyrics

There's a funny little town, with houses big and small

And everyone who lives there is a ball

And if you listen well, you'll be sure to hear the sound

Of everyone go bouncy-bounce in Balltown

Sit here for a while - put on a great big smile

Cause everyone in Balltown is your friend

So won't you come along and help me sing my song

And we'll go bouncy-bouncy-bouncy-bounce in



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