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Star Trek Sliding Doors - The automatic doors seen on the series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69.

McKoy, Spock and Kirk enter elevator - STAR TREK
McCoy, Spock and Kirk enter elevator

The sliding doors that opened so fast and efficiently on the series were not an example of futuristic high-technology but in reality they were operated by concealed stagehands who yanked on ropes to quickly force the doors open.

On blooper reels taken from the show's editing room floor, their were many comic moments (later seen by TV fans) that had Captain Kirk and other crew members of the Enterprise, busting their nose when the doors didn't open on cue.

In the intervening years, Star Trek-style doors have been manufactured and installed in numerous municipal and corporate buildings.

TRIVIA NOTE: At the back stage of the TONIGHT SHOW in New York's Broadway district in the 1950s, there were two huge metal doors called "elephant doors" which opened onto a side street. Zany host Steve Allen often opened them suddenly, and with a TV camera trained on the door, he began interviewing surprised pedestrians who happened to be passing by.

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