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Al Capone's Vault  - 1986 was the year Geraldo Rivera lured the American public into watching his April 21, 1986 special "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault"

Al Capone

The program offered the potential promise of finding some historic artifacts, cache of treasure or maybe the bones of some gangsters inside the walls of the Lexington Hotel, the former headquarters and residence of notorious Chicago mobster, Al Capone.

Unfortunately, the whole show was a bust. After watching for an hour, the American public was given Bupkiss, Zilch, Nada, Nothing but some dirt and debris found behind the excavated stone walls in the hotel's basement.

Until that time, Geraldo Rivera had built his career on uncovering the truth with very thorough investigative reporting skills (this legacy was what prompted many to view the program), but with the fiasco of the Al Capone's Vault, Rivera was left with egg on face and the lose of his credibility as a reporter.

On the bright side, the programs received achieved the highest ratings for a syndicated special in television history.

Rivera revealed in his 1991 autobiography "Exposing Myself," his thought on that particular day, saying, "My career was not over, I knew, but had just begun. And all because of a silly, high-concept stunt that failed to deliver on its titillating promise."

Rivera went on to create a new type of talk show with topics like "Men in Lace Panties and the Women Who Love Them."

The November 1988 front cover of Newsweek magazine with the headline read "Trash TV: From the Lurid to the Loud, Anything Goes."

As of the Millennium, Geraldo traveled to the war zone in Afghanistan and Iraq as celebrity war correspondent for Fox News, and reported on the whereabouts of Terrorists and Taliban criminals.

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