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Beany & Cecil - One of television's earliest sea serpents was featured on BEANY AND CECIL/SYN/1950-55, a 15-minute puppet show produced by Bob Clampett.

Scene from 'Time for Beany'

The show followed the exploits of a small boy named Beany (voice of Daws Butler) who sailed the seven seas with his pet, Cecil (voice of Stan Freberg), a green "seasick" sea serpent and Captain Horatio Huffenpuff, the blowhard commander of their ship, the Leakin' Lena.

During their travels, the crew met such characters as Hare-cules, Ben Hare, Beepin' Tom, Buffalo Billy, Thunderbolt the Wonder Colt, Slopalong Catskill and Davey Crickett.

Captain: You say you saw a singing Sea Sick Sea Serpent named Cecil?  I can't even say it. How could I see it? Beany, you know there's no such thing as a sea serpent and I'm ashamed of you for telling an untruth.  
Beany: Its' the truth, Uncle Captain Huffenpuff. If I didn't see a Sea Serpent may lightning strike me.  
Captain: And I say there was no Sea Serpent! [Lightning strikes Captain] EEEEEEeeeeeyyyyyyyy!  
Beany: See?

--Time for Beany

An animated cartoon spin-off BEANY & CECIL/ABC/1962-64 continued their adventures. Whenever Beany was threatened by Dishonest John (Stan Freberg), the program's chief villain with the sneering "Nya ha ha!" laugh, Cecil came rushing to the rescue with his favorite saying "I'm coming Beanie-boy!"

TRIVIA NOTE: Originally entitled TIME FOR BEANY, the program first premiered on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles on February 1949.

Daws Butler and Stan Freberg performed both the voices and puppetry on the show.

Daws' wife, Myrtis designed and sewed the first Cecil puppet from their son's green pajama leg.

Daws and Stan were on the show Monday through Friday, from 6:30 to 6:45 pm, 52 weeks a year, for five years. For all their hard work and talent, they earned three Emmy Awards.

The Cecil character was inspired by the pre-historic dinosaurs that animator Bob Clampett had remembered from the 1920's silent film feature Lost World.

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