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Panhandle Pete - The life-sized prospector dummy star of PANHANDLE PETE & JENNIFER/NBC/1950-51, a 15-mimute afternoon children's program set on a western ranch in Chickamoochie Country. Based in Chicago, the series aired weekdays at 4:30 on WNBQ Channel 5.

NBC Promotional shot of Jennifer Holt and Johnny Coons - PANHANDLE PETE & JENNIFER

The PANHANDLE PETE AND JENNIFER series won a 1951 Peabody Award.

Co-host Jennifer Holt (the daughter of western star Jack Holt and brother of actor Tim Holt) was a leading lady in B westerns in the 1940s. She also made guest appearances on several TV shows, including THE GABBY HAYES SHOW (1956), TALES OF WELLS FARGO (1957-1959) and PERRY MASON (1958).

Johnny Coons who played an old codger who spun yarns that appeared as cartoons on the show later starred in UNCLE JOHNNY COONS/CBS/NBC/1955-56 with his own ventriloquist dummy George and his invisible dog, Blackie.

TRIVIA NOTE: Uncle Johnny Coons died in July 1975. Jennifer Holt died September 21, 1997 in Dorset, England.

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