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Rootie Kazootie - Freckled-faced hand-puppet on the children's program ROOTIE KAZOOTIE/NBC/ABC/1950-54.

Host 'Big' Todd Russell with Puppets Rootie Kazootie, Gala Poochie and Polka Dottie
Host Todd Russell & Puppet Cast

The Rootie Kazootie Show

Rootie Kazootie (Naomi Lewis) was a wide-eyed four-year-old all-American boy (a la Howdy Doody) who wore a baseball cap and had a lower lip that drooped to one side.

At the beginning of each show Rootie burst through a sheet of tissue paper as the theme song proclaimed "Who is the boy, who is full of zip and joy? He's Rootie Kazootie!"

Accompanied by his faithful dog, Gala Poochie Pup, Rootie Kazootie "the Boy Genius at Work" battled his arch enemy Poison Zoomack (Frank Milano), a slick mustachioed confidence man dressed like a river boat gambler (top hat and string tie) who coveted Rootie's magic "Kazootie" and the polka dots from Polka Dottie, Rootie's girlfriend.

Todd Russell with Mr. Deetle Dootle - THE ROOTIE KAZOOTIE SHOW

El Squeako the Mouse and Poison Zoomack - ROOTIE KAZOOTIE

Todd Russell &
Mr. Deetle Dootle

El Squeako
& Poison Zoomack

Other characters on the program were Mr. Deetle Dootle, a mute human police officer (John Schoepperle/John Vee); and El Squeako Mouse, the Catodor with a Latin American accent (Naomi Lewis).

The show's puppets were handled by Paul Ashley, Frank Milano and Michael King. "Big" Todd Russell hosted this half-hour children's show set at the Rootie Kazootie Club. The series as written, produced and created by Steve Carlin.

Rootie Kazootie Joins the Circus - Little Golden Book

Rootie Kazootie 3-D Comic - Dell Comics

Rootie Kazootie Detective - Little Golden Book


Rootie Kazootie and the Polka Dottie Polka - Golden Records


Rootie Kazootie Memorabilia

TRIVIA NOTE: Rootie Kazootie was originally called Rootie Tootie until the Tootsie Roll candy company lodged a complaint. Gala Poochie Pup was originally called Little Nipper for the RCA corporate symbol. When RCA withdrew sponsorship, the dog was renamed Gala Poochie Pup and its spot's were removed. 

In 1990, Lawrence Naumoff's second novel was entitled ''Rootie Kazootie.'' The Washington Post Book World called the book a "brilliant comedy of errant romance."

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