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Jimmy Weldon & Webster Webfoot - Ventriloquist who operated a sassy, talkative little duck on the THE WEBSTER WEBFOOT SHOW and FUNNY BONERS/NBC/1954-55, a game show for children broadcast from Hollywood.

Webster Webfoot and Jimmy Weldon

The quacky Webster Webfoot dummy was operated by ventriloquist, Jimmy Weldon.  When asked how old he is, Webster (born February 31st) replies, "I'm only three...but I'm tough!"

The Webster Webfoot character was created by Jimmy Weldon in 1946 when he worked as a disc jockey at radio station KWCO in Chickasha, Oklahoma. He made his television debut in 1950 on THE WEBSTER WEBFOOT SHOW on WFAA-TV in Dallas, TX. The show featured "Uncle" Jimmy Weldon and his duck friend Webster Webfoot. 

In 1952, Jimmy Weldon moved to Hollywood to appear in various movie and television roles. In 1959, Jimmy Weldon and Webster Webfoot hosted the NBC show HI MOM on WRCA-TV, after its hostess, ventriloquist Shari Lewis left in 1959. In the 1960's, ventriloquist Jimmy Weldon and Webster Webfoot entertained children on Fresno TV station KJEO Channel 47.  

The popular duck spawned a number of promotional merchandise, now very hard to find, such as Webster Webfoot caps, coloring books, dolls, records, sweaters, T-shirts, and towels.

Webster Webfoot

TRIVIA NOTE: Jimmy Weldon's "quacky" duck voice which he used with Webster Webfoot later inspired the 1960 Hanna Barbera cartoon character Yakky Doodle (Weldon had previously used the voice in the cartoon Little Quacker released January 7, 1950). The Yakky character made his debut in 1959 on the Auggie Doogy and Doggy Daddy cartoon (aired as part of the QUICK DRAW MCGRAW SHOW).

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