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Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - The Saturday morning science fiction cartoon CADILLACS & DINOSAURS/CBS/1993-94 starred garage mechanic, Jack Tenrac who leads a group of 26th Century humans called The Mechanics as he roams a strange world of dinosaurs in a special guano-fueled Cadillac (Jack loves to restore them).

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

Jack's constant companions are Hannah Dundee, a beautiful scientist and his friend, Mustapha. Jack and his league of futuristic environmentalists fought the likes of the evil Wilhelmina Scharnhorst, and The Council of Governors as well as the many dinosaurs that littered the landscape of this bizarre post-volcanic holocaust world where somehow humans and dinosaurs coexist.

The 13 episode series is based on the 1986 comic books Xenozoic Tales created by Mark Schultz.


Voice Credits
David Keeley as Jack
Dawn Greenhalgh as Scharnhorst
Don Dickinson as Noe
Tedd Dillon as Hammer
David Fox as Kirgo
Don Francks as Girth/Hobbs
Kristina Nicoll as Dahlgren
Colin O'Moore as Wrench
Frank Pellegrino as Vice
Susan Roman as Hannah
Bruce Tubbe as Mustapha
Philip Williams as Toulouse
Lenore Zann as Mikla

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

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