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Dino the Dinosaur - Purple, pint-sized Snarkasaurus dinosaur with spots on the Hanna-Barbera animated situation comedy THE FLINTSTONES/ABC/1960-66.

Dino the Dinosaur - THE FLINTONES

Living in the year 1,000,040 B.C., Dino was a miniature Brontosaurus (only six feet tall) who resided with Fred and Wilma Flintstone at 345 Stone Cave Road in the town of Bedrock.

Each night when Fred returned home from work, Dino enthusiastically rushed toward Fred, knocked him flat on his back and slurped Fred's face with his tongue. Dino's yapping voice was supplied by Mel Blanc/Chips Spam/Don Messick.

In addition to Dino the Dinosaur, the Flintstones also owned a Saber-Tooth Cat. whom Fred placed their cat outside for the night (Seenin teh closing credits). The saber-tooth cat quickly climbed back through a window and proceeded to place Fred outside for the night.

Next door to the Flintstones, lived the Barney and Betty Rubble. They owned a prehistoric pet Kangaroo named Hoppy. 

Gertie the DinosaurTRIVIA NOTE: Long before the the Dino the dinosaur character, New York Herald cartoonist Winsor McCay (1869-1934) created an animated short entitled Gertie the Dinosaur (1914).

The cartoon (with 10,000 black and white line drawings) premiered in February 1914 at the Palace Theatre in Chicago. McCay, himself, costarred in the film.

Using a little trickery, McCay walked on stage and disappeared behind the screen just as his animated image (climbing into Gertie's mouth) appeared in the cartoon.

The image of McCay then proceeded to climb on Gertie's back for a ride. Of course, the audience exploded in applause for his magical act. The stunt validated his nickname as "America's Greatest Cartoonist."

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