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Magellan the Dragon - Clumsy, one-toothed green dragon (with a tail with a mind of its own) featured on the children's series EUREEKA'S CASTLE/NIK/1989-1995.

Magellan the Dragon - Eureeka's Castle

Magellan the Dragon lived in a huge windup castle music box that was owned by a giant. Among the inhabitants of this music box castle were:

  • Eureeka, a young sorceress in training
  • Batly, a bumbling, near-sighted, egotistical bat that always ran into things saying 'I meant to do that'
  • The constantly arguing "Moat Twins" (Bogge and Quagmire) who swam around in a swampy moat
  • Mr. Trader Knack who had a fruit stand
  • Other assorted characters like mice, singing fish, a bunch of animated worms and Magellan's "Blankateers" that were dots on his blanket which moved about to form patterns and pictures.

Magellan the Dragon at Beddy-Bye Time
Magellan at Beddy-Bye Time


Cast Credits

Noel McNeal as Magellan/Webster (voice)
Pam Arciero as Quagmire/Emma (voice)
Cheryl Blaylock as Eureeka (voice)
Lynn Hippen as Cooey/Kate (voice)
James J. Kroupa as Batly/Sir Klank/the Giant (voice)
Brian Muehl as Bogge/Mr. Knack (voice)
Paul Wright as The Giant

Nickleodeon's promotional poster. Clockwise from top, Magellan's Head, Blues, Bog, Batly, Spider Thing, Eureeka, Cooie, Obese Rodent, Trader Knack, Quagmire, Tail, Berrigan.

Eureeka's Castle Logo

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