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 Dragons at a Glance
Dragon Voice Actor


Dudley the Dragon Kirk Dunn (Puppeteer)
/ Alex Galatis (Voice)
Adventures of Dudley the Dragon
Orville the Dragon Terry Kelly Captain Kangaroo
The Soap Dragon N/A The Clangers
Weezie the Dragon Kathleen Barr Dragon Tales
Quetzal the Dragon Eli Gabay Dragon Tales
Zak the Dragon Jason Michas Dragon Tales
Ord the Dragon Ty Olsson Dragon Tales
Cassie the Dragon Chantal Strand Dragon Tales
Magellan the Dragon Noel McNeal (Puppeteer) /Cheryl Blaylock (Voice) Eureeka's Castle
Hakuryu the dragon N/A Gensomaden Saiyuki
Dirty Dragon Bill Jackson (Puppeteer/Voice) Gigglesnort Hotel
Grisu, the Little Dragon Oliver Rohrbeck Grisu, the little dragon (aka Draghetto Grisu)
H.R. Pufnstuf Roberto Gamonet (Puppeteer) / Lennie Weinrib (Voice)

H.R. Pufnstuf


Oliver "Ollie" J. Dragon Burr Tillstrom Kukla Fran & Ollie
The Dragon Peter Kent Legend of Earthsea (Miniseries)
Spot the Dragon No voice credits given The Munsters
Spike the Dragon Charles Adler My Little Pony and Friends
Ice Dragon N/A Noggin the Nog
Pongo the Friendly Dragon Richard Kind Oswald
Filbert Ian James Corlett Pocket Dragon Adventures
Zoom-Zoom Jason Gray Stanford Pocket Dragon Adventures
Specs Samuel Vincent Pocket Dragon Adventures
Scribbles Kathleen Barr Pocket Dragon Adventures
Binky Tabitha St. Germain Pocket Dragon Adventures
Cuddles Terry Klassen / Venus Terzo Pocket Dragon Adventures
Puff the Magic Dragon Burgess Meredith Puff the Magic Dragon
Tobias the Reluctant Dragon Paul Soles The Reluctant Dragon & Mr. Toad
Scorch the Dragon Ronn Lucas (Voice/Puppeteer) Scorch the Dragon
Dulcey the Dragon Cree Summer Sonic the Hedgehog
Gerry the Idgit Dragon Mel Blanc Warner Brothers Cartoons
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