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Cecil the Sea-sick Sea Serpent - One of television's earliest sea serpents was featured on BEANY AND CECIL/SYN/1950-55, a 15-minute puppet show produced by Bob Clampett and later featured on the animated cartoon BEANY & CECIL/ABC/1962-64

'I'm Comin' Beany Boy!' - BEANY & CECIL

The programs followed the exploits of a small boy named Beany (voice of Daws Butler) who sailed the seven seas with his pet, Cecil (voice of Stan Freberg), a green "seasick" sea serpent and Captain Horatio Huffenpuff, the blowhard commander of their ship, the Leakin' Lena

The animated series BEANY & CECIL (first called Matty’s Funnies with Beany & Cecil) continued their adventures and interaction with the Dishonest John (Stan Freberg), the program's chief villain who had a sneering "Nya ha ha!" laugh.

As always, when Beany was in trouble Cecil rushed to his rescue and shouted his signature catchphrase "I'm coming Beany-boy!" A short-lived revival of the series aired in 1988.

Huffenpuff, Beany and Cecil

Huffenpuff, Beany & Cecil

TRIVIA NOTE: The Cecil character was inspired by the pre-historic dinosaurs that animator Bob Clampett had remembered from the 1920's silent film feature Lost World. See also "Time for Beany"


Voice Credits

Jim MacGeorge as Beany Boy / Huffenpuff 
Irv Shoemaker as Cecil / Dishonest John
Billy West as Cecil (1988)
Sody Clampett as Sody Pop
Don Messick as Various
Joan Gerber as Various
Daws Butler as Various
Paul Frees as Various
Bob Clampett as Various
Eddie Brandt as Various
Freddy Morgan as Various
Mark Lawrence Hildreth as Beany Boy (1988)
William Werstine as Cecil (1988)
Maurice La Marche as Dishonest John (1988)

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