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The Slowskys - A married turtle couple who'd rather subscribe to an internet service that is slow (DSL) rather than the quick speedy service of a Broadband service like COMCAST.

The Slowsky Turtles - COMCAST

The Slowsky's (Bill and Karolyn) live in a one-story ranch style home and have all the amenities of modern life, including a concrete swimming pool in the back yard which they call the Pond.

Despite the modern surroundings, the Slowsky's motto is "slow and easy." No wild, crazy or frenetic lifestyle for them. Taking it easy is in their nature so Bill and Karolyn can't understand why anyone would want to buy a fast Internet service as suggested in the Comcast ad campaign.

To keep in touch with her friends, Karolyn has her own blog where she offers advice like "Only Fools Rush in (Dating Philosophy) and reports on the family's hobbies. For instance, her husband likes to take pictures of speed bumps, eat molasses, drink decaf coffee and participates in staring contests

Here is an posting from Karolyn's February 6, 2006 blog entry:

"Yesterday I was online, and while I was waiting for this particular page to download, I fell asleep. I dreamed I won the lottery and that we moved to a new house with a giant pond that was so far from the DSL remote terminal that our connection was even slower. It took all kinds of time to see anything online. We stared at loading bars all day long. When I woke up the page I was waiting for still hadn’t loaded. I think that’s a sign. A sign that DSL is a dream come true."

The Slowsky Turtles - COMCAST
Excerpts from the TV Commercials

Bill: Hello there. We're Married. We're the Slowskys.
Karolyn: Hi.
Bill: We moved here a couple years ago for the great pond out back (a concrete swimming pool)
Karolyn: I love it. I'm like a fish.
Bill: Ah, this house is also far from DSL central office or remote terminal which makes our DSL connection slower as apposed to Comcast which is fast no matter where you live.
Karolyn: I didn't know you could read!
Bill: There's a lot of things you don't know about me.

Bill: Were the Slowskys. I'm Bill. This is my wife, Karolyn.
Karolyn Hi
Bill: We tried Comcast high-speed Internet  but...
Karolyn ...every thing downloads so quickly we felt rushed.
Bill Rushed...that's a good way to describe it With DLS we can download WAY slower that Comcast high speed Internet.
Karolyn Perfect. I mean his middle name is slow
Bill My middle name is Matthew.
Karolyn Just Joking

The Slowsky's ad campaign was created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, produced by RSA, puppeteered by Stan Winston and digitally tweaked by Brickyard VFX.

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