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 Restaurants, Bars, & Nightclubs at a Glance

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Business Location Type Program


Key West, FL Beach Bar Key West
Bueno Nacho Middleton, USA Mexican Food Kim Possible

Pizza Bowl 

Milwaukee, WI Pizzeria & Bowling Alley Laverne & Shirley


Washington, DC Bar & Grill Linc's  

The Burger Palace

Ridgevale, USA Burger Joint Learning The Ropes  
Nel's Restaurant Walnut Grove. MN Frontier Restaurant Little House on the Prairie
Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack (Hurley's former Employer) Los Angeles, CA Fast Food Lost

The Blue Shamrock

Manhattan,  NY Bar/Restaurant Love & War

Rosie's Bar

Korea, 1950s      Military Hangout M*A*S*H

Tony Packo's Cafe

Toledo, OH Restaurant (Klinger's favorite stateside eatery) M*A*S*H

Riff's Bar (Based on Old Tavern Bar near Union Station)

Manhattan, NY  Food/Drinks Mad About You 

The Inferno

Passaic, NJ     Disco Makin' It

Big Jigger Bar

Raytown, USA  Bar Mama's Family 

Gertie's Bar

Washington, DC Bar Mancuso, FBI 


Madison, USA Ice Cream Margie     

The Jiggly Room 

Chicago, IL     Strip Joint Married...with Children  

Morry's Pool Hall 

Harlem, NY  Bar/Pool Hall Married People              

Capri Lounge

Fernwood, OH Bar Mary Hartman 

Happy Hour 

Minneapolis, MN Bar Mary Tyler Moore Show 


Los Angeles, CA Bar/Poolroom Melrose Place    


Los Angeles, CA   Jazz Club Melrose Place 
Micky Finns (America's #1 Speakeasy) San Diego, CA Nightclub Micky Finns


San Francisco, CA  Bar Midnight Caller  
Ernie's Juice Bar Angel Grove, CA Restaurant Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Nicky St. Hubbin's

New York City, NY Bar/Restaurant Misery Loves Company   

Lite 'N Easy

New York City, NY  Bar Mike Hammer   

Stage 99

Los Angeles, CA      Retro Disco Models, Inc.     

The Den 

Los Angeles, CA   Soda Shop Moesha  

The New York Deli 

Denver, CO Sandwiches Mork & Mindy   
Phil's  Washington, D.C. Bar/food Murphy Brown  
Dancing Zorba's Chicago, IL Greek Restaurant My Big Fat Greek Life
Crowley's Tavern Chicago, IL Local Bar My Boys

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