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790 - Sex-crazed robot head on the science fiction series LEXX/SHO/SCI/1997-2002.

Robot 790 - LEXX: THE SERIES

790 (voice of Jeffrey Hirschfield) lived aboard a large sentient dragonfly-shaped spaceship called Lexx with a group of fugitives fleeing from an interplanetary tyranny. The crew consisted of:

  • Brian Downey as technician Stanley H. Tweedle
  • Xenia Seeberg as Xev, a beautiful hybrid human/cluster lizard love-slave (later reincarnated as Zev played by Eva Habermann)
  • Michael McManus as Kai, a reanimated 2000-year-old assassin, the last of the Brunnen-G race.

Stanley Tweedle, Xev Bellringer and Kai - LEXX Cast Photo

To get around the spaceship Lexx, 790 used a motorized skateboard-like platform.

Before 790 became a member of the crew, he worked as a robotic drone attendant. His job was to process people through a love-slave machine that made its victims totally fixated on the first person they saw after the operation.

During one such procedure, a ravenous cluster lizard entered the room and ate 790's bio-mechanical body (whose organs were harvested from unwilling donors). Leaving behind 790's metal head, the cluster lizard next attempted to eat a woman strapped to the processing table, but it was decapitated as the love-slave machine lowered itself. The woman strapped to the table (it was Xev) then escaped her bonds and placed 790's head in the wake of the love-slave machine which downloaded its brainwashing programming into 790's memory chips. When 790 opened his eyes and saw Xev, he said "I will love your forever."

Now, Xev didn't appreciate 790's constant proclamations of love, but since 790 was good at calculating complex problems or communicating with other computerized entities, she and the crew of the Lexx tolerated his ribald come-ons.

Of course, 790 was just a metal head with no body, so not much could really happen in the sexual department, but that didn't stop him from trying. 790's devotion to his lust was so great that he was often willing to betray the safety of the other crew members just to obtain his goals.

Watching Xev sleep, 790 once mused "On a branch there is a fruit, plump and ripe for sucking. In a bed there is a body, hot and ripe for...

Despite her animosity towards 790's leers and jeers, Xev occasionally found something nice to say to him like "You may still only be a head, 790, but you're the best head I ever had."

Later, 790 was damaged and rebuilt by Kai. When 790 opened his eyes, he told Kai "I will love you forever." Suddenly, 790 forgot about the voluptuous Xev and began to pursue a relationship with Kai, who couldn't appreciate 790's sexual advances...because he was dead.

While 790 had the hots for both Xev and Kai, he simply hated fellow crew member Stanley Tweedle. Probably because he saw Stanley as a competitor for Xev and later Kai's affections.

Some classic 790 putdowns included:

  • "Tweedle, you give carbon molecules a bad name!"
  •  "If I only had an arm, I'd be more than just a head. If I only had an arm, I would strangle Tweedle dead!"
  • "If I only had a body, I'd get to be Xev's hunky man. If I only had a body, I'd get to pummel Stan!"

790 and Xev
790 and Xev

Xev Bellringer: What kind of robot are you? 
790: I am a robot that wants to live in your underpants.

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