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Muffit - Brown, furry alien pet robot on the sci-fi adventure BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/NBC/1978-80.


Muffit was fashioned after a small creature known as a Daggit (a cross between a bear and dog) owned by Boxey (Noah Hathaway) a resident of the planet Caprica.

When a sneak attack of Cylon warrior robots killed Boxey's mother and his pet Daggit (which he called Muffit), Boxey's father, Captain Apollo (Richard Hatch) fled with his son to the safety of the starcruiser Battlestar Galactica whose Commander Adama (Lorne Greene) led a fleet of 220 spacecraft in search of a shining star known as Earth.

During the journey, a medical team of bioengineers, under the direction of Dr. Wilkin, made a mechanical replica of Boxey's original Daggit.

Muffit-II was covered with brown furry material, and had a silver mussel, metal joints and yellow glass eyeballs.

In reality, Muffitt was animated by a four-year-old chimpanzee named Evolution (Evie for short) who was encased inside the Daggit robot shell.

Muffit was created by special effects wizard John Dykstra of Star Wars fame, who also built the spacecraft and coordinated the aerial fight scenes for the series.

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