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Autons - Robotic mannequins that were programmed to destroy humans on the long-running British sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO/BBC/1963-90.

Auton Mannequins - DOCTOR WHO
Auton mannequins break out of a display case

Created by the evil race of Nestenes from the planet Polymos, the Autons came in a variety of plastic shapes ranging from a blank-faced army of robot workmen to exact duplicate copies of humans called Replicas.

The Autons appeared on only two serials during the original series run "Spearhead from Outer Space" (1970) and "Terror of the Autons" (1971). The Autons reappeared on the revitalized DOCTOR WHO series episode "Rose" (2005).

The first time we learn the Nestene Consciousness (a tentacled blob of energy) has landed on earth in a hollow meteor with the intent of using the planet earth''s toxins as a food source.  The Nestene immediately take over an auto plastics factory (hence the name "Autons") and begins to manufacture humanoid duplicates designed to infiltrate the government as well as mannequins that eventually come alive and begin to kill innocent bystanders. In the end, Doctor Who defeats the Nestene Consciousness with an electrostatic device that consequently renders the Autons inanimate.

On the "Terror of the Autons" The Master, another rouge Timelord and enemy of the Doctor breaks into National Space Museum and steals one of the energy units used by the Nestene Consciousness. He then  sends a radio beam to notify the Nestene Invasion force how to find earth. Meanwhile, The Master begins to manufacture more Autons.

The Doctor finally convinces The Master that upon arrival, the Nestenes will not distinguish him from the others on earth so together he and The Doctor shut down the radio beacon that directs the Nestenes to our galaxy. Unfortunately, in all the confusion, The Master escapes.  

The Autons were resurrected for the new DOCTOR WHO series that debuted on the BBC in 2005. On the first episode "Rose," the Doctor searches for the location of the Nestene Consciousness which had lost its food planets in the Time War and sought to conquer earth for its supplies of pollution, plastic and protein. With the help of his new companion, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Doctor Who discovers the Nestene headquarters

The Doctor wrestles with an Auton in front of the Nestene Consciousness on the episode 'Rose' - DOCTOR WHO
The Doctor, an Auton and the Nestene Consciousness

After warning the Nestene to cease and desist their conquest, The Doctor - with no other choice - drops a vial onto the blob of energy that holds the Nestene Consciousness. The "anti-plastic" substance in the vial destroys the tentacled blob - it explodes - and stops the invading army of Autons that had begun to ransack the city of London.

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