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Buffy-Bot - Exact likeness of teenager Buffy Anne Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) on the occult action drama BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/WB/UPN/1997-2003.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffybot - BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

On the episode "I Was Made to Love You," a beautiful young teenager wandered about the town of Sunnydale looking for her boyfriend. She was very intense and quite physical to anyone interfering with her quest.

The girl, identified as April (Shanda Farr),  turned out to be a robot created by a genius nerd named Warren (Adam Busch) who wanted to design the perfect girlfriend. When the robot didn't live up to his expectations [and he fell in love with a "real" girl], Warren abandoned the robot. But April was programmed for total love and devotion and so she set out to find her master.

At the end of the episode, the girl robot was decommissioned but not before a vampire named Spike (James Marsters) conspired to replicate the girl of his dreams, namely, Buffy Anne Summers. Finding the inventor of the robot, Spike threatened him with death if he didn't come across with a "Buffy-Bot."

On the episode "Intervention," the Buffy-Bot made her debut and was mistaken as the real Buffy until one night her close friends happened upon a grave yard and saw Buffy straddling Spike and crying out "Oh Spike, you're the Big Bad, You're the Big Bad!"

Soon, Buffy's friends, a.k.a. "The Scooby Gang" discovered that the girl they had seen boinking Spike was actually a replicant. After all, the real Buffy hated Spike's gut (at the time) and would never have done the on-top vertical bop with "said" vampire. (Now, Angel that's a different story).

When Buffy realized that Spike had taken privileges with an ersatz persona, she informed him in no uncertain terms and a slap in the face to cease and desist with his yucky activities. The Buffy-bot was soon put out of commission until she returned on episode "The Gift" to help Buffy battle a dimensional disaster that threatened to end order in the universe.

The Buffy-Bot met her end in the episode "Bargaining" when a group of demon bikers invaded Sunnydale thinking the real Buffy Summers had died. When they came across the Buffy-Bot they quickly subdued her,  strapped her limbs to motorcycles, started them up, and went medieval on her with a good old-fashioned drawing and quartering.

So ended the life of the Buffy-Bot. Of course, the newly resurrected Buffy avenged Buffy-Bot's demise by laying waste to the demons who destroyed her "bot" replica.

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