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Astroboy - Super-powered robot on the Japanese sci-fi cartoon ASTRO BOY/SYN/1963. Set in the year A.D. 2000, the series is based on the Japanese manga created by Osamu Tezuka.

Astro Boy Cartoon Hero

Created by Dr. Atom, Astro Boy was a robot likeness of Dr. Atom's son who had died in a car accident with his mother. Endowing the young robot with super powers, Dr. Atom and Astro joined forces to help fight crime. Astro flew through the air with the aid of rockets that sprouted from his heels upon takeoff.

Astro Boy first appeared in 1951 in Shonen Magazine (published in Japan). The original storyline (discontinued in 1968) had Astro Boy created as a replacement for Dr. Tenma's dead son. Only later in the comic strip did Astro Boy leave his creator and team up with Dr. Ochanomizu to fight crime.

Astro Boy wore black trunks, red boots, a silver belt and sported a prominent spiked black pompadour.

  Theme Song Lyrics

There you go Astro Boy.
On your flight into space.
Rocket high, through the sky
What adventures soon you will make.

Astro Boy bombs away on your mission today
Here’s the countdown, and a blast off
Everything is go Astro boy.

Astro Boy as you fly,
Strange new worlds you will find
Atom sound jet propelled,
Fighting monsters high in the sky.

Astro Boy there you go.
Will you fight friend or foe?
Cosmic ranger, life of danger,
Everything is go Astro Boy.

Friends will cheer you.
You’re our hero.
As you go go.
Go Astro Boy!

In 2009, British teen Fddie Highmore provided the voice for the 3D CG-animated $50 million production motion picture Astro Boy. The original "Astro Boy" (1963) was the first Japanese animated series broadcast in the United States.

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