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Bender - Neurotic, loud-mouthed, alcoholic  robot (voice of John DiMaggio) living in the year A.D. 2999 on the animated sci-fi series FUTURAMA/FOX/1999-2003.

Bender Bending Rodriguez - FUTURAMA

Bender's bad habits included such vices as smoking, drinking and shoplifting, sloth, greed and dishonesty.

His physical abilities consist of arms that extend in length; eyes with telescopic abilities, gay-dar, three internal cameras and a temperature gauge, and a funnel like loud-speaker in his nose.

Bender is the cook for the Planet Express Delivery Company. His fellow employees included:

  • Leela (voice of Katey Sagal), a Xena-like Cyclops
  • Fry (voice of Billy West) a pizza delivery guy who was accidentally frozen in 1999 and awoke in the 30th century. Bender met Fry in a Suicide booth while both were depressed.

Bender visits a suicide booth - FUTURAMA

Bender's body color is fog hat grey. His catchphrase is "Bite my shiny metal ass!" He also likes to say "We're boned!" and "Cheese it!"

Bender get his name because he used to bend metal in a factory setting where he was known as Bender Unit #22. He majored in Bending, with Robo-American Studies as his minor. His full name is Bender Bending Rodriquez.

Bender was created in Mom's Friendly Robot Company plant in Tijuana, Mexico, in the year 2998. His serial number is 2716057. His internal CPU processing system is MOS Technology 6502.

Bender's metal body is composed of: 30% Iron; 40% zinc; 40% dolomite; 40% titanium; 0.04% nickel impurity.

Fry and Bender at a bar - FUTURAMA
Fry and Bender at a bar - FUTURAMA

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