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Clinkers, The - A pair of clumsy robots who stumbled about their suburban home on comedy segments of the summer variety program SHIELDS AND YARNELL/CBS/1977-78.

The Clinkers - Courtesy of Robert Shields Design

Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell, a popular husband & wife mime team from San Francisco played the Clinkers.

TRIVIA NOTE: On the reunion TV-movie WILD WILD WEST REVISITED (1979)  Shield and Yarnell played a couple of black-leather clad robots called Estonia and Alan. They were created by Michelito Loveless (Paul Williams), the son of deceased criminal genius Dr. Miquelito Loveless (Michael Dunn). Michelito called the robots his $600 people (actually $609.00) because that's what it cost to build them. These robots and an army of Loveless' clones forced secret agents James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) out of retirement to prevent villain Michelito from cloning President Cleveland and other world leaders and taking over the world.

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