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Cybernetic & Bionic Beings

Cybermen -  Long before the advent of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN/ABC/1974-78 these metallic outer space menaces inhabited the continuing episodes of the British sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO/BBC/1963-89.

Cybermen - DOCTOR WHO

Encased in a suit of silvery metal, the Cybermen from the planet Mondas had slowly become immortal by replacing their body parts with metal and plastic bionic units.

Over the centuries, the Cybermen had become as cold and uncaring as the materials that surrounded their bodies, choosing to dominate and exploit the galaxies of the universe rather than peacefully coexist with them.

Their protective metal shells had a self contained respiratory system allowing them to maneuver unhampered through the vastness of space. Cybermats, large metal robot rats that shredded anything that got in their way, assisted the Cybermen on their trek to conquest. Despite their formidable presence, the Cybermen could be incapacitated by sprinkling them with gold dust.

Created by Gerry Davis and Kit Pedlar, the Cybermen premiered on the 1966 episode No. 29 "The Tenth Planet." They have since reappeared on episodes of the newly syndicated DOCTOR WHO produced by the BBC in 2005.

Cybermen in the early days of the series - DOCTOR WHO

1960s Cybermen Cybermen in 2006

In 2006, the episodes "Rise Of The Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel" featured a storyline about the creation of the Cybermen in an alternate universe.

Apparently, people have come up missing all over London. It's because John Lumic, a brilliant, wealthy, but dying businessman, who wants to build machines that are controlled by a human brain, therefore prolonging his own life. But the powers-that-be refuse to condone his project on ethical grounds.

Meanwhile, Lumic goes ahead with his project and performs the "ultimate upgrade" on the people he has enslaved, thus turning them into an army of metal-plated Cybermen who set out to conquer the planet. See also ALIENS: "Dr. Who

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