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8th Man - Animated robotic hero in the 1965 Japanese syndicated sci-fi series 8TH MAN about a crime fighting robot ("Tobor, the Eighth man, the mightiest robot of them all").

8th Man Cartoon Hero

Mr. Tobor, a.k.a. 8TH MAN

Programmed by Professor Genius with the spirit of slain police officer, Peter Brady who was killed by the villain Saucer Lip, Eighth Man (a.k.a. "Mr. Tobor") battled the likes of Armored Man, Baron Stormy, Doctor Demon and notorious villains from the criminal organization called Intercrime.

Professor Genius is originally from the dictatorship of Armaco. He escaped from the corrupt country with his prototype robot (8th Man) when he refused to build weapons of war. Instead, he used his robot for peace by fighting evil.

Professor Genius - 8TH MAN

8th Man is powered by a miniature atomic engine using uranium as it's power source. His abilities included:

  • Ability to fly via an antigravity unit
  • Able to run at speeds up to mach 10
  • Infra-red vision
  • Super hearing
  • Internal radar reader
  • Ability to change his appearance at will by using his special plastic skin.

8th Man's alter ego is Mr. Tobor who runs a private detective agency. Jenny Heartsweet is his secretary and secret admirer. Skip Pepper is the office boy.

Besides Professor Genius, the only other person who knows his secret identity is Chief Fumblethumbs, the head of the Metropolitan Crime Prevention Bureau. The Chief regularly calls upon 8th Man to catch the super villains.

The series 52 episodes were first broadcast on Japanese television by TJC Animation and later dubbed into English for overseas distribution.

Theme Song Lyrics

There's a prehistoric monster
that came from outer space,
Created by the Martians
to destroy the human race.
The FBI is helpless.
It's twenty stories tall.
What can we do?
Who can we call?
Tobor, the 8th Man!
Tobor, the 8th Man!
Faster than a rocket!
Quicker than a jet!
He's the mighty robot!
He's the one to get!
Tobor, the 8th Man!
Quick, call Tobor,
the mightiest robot in the land!

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