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V.I.C.I./Vicki - A lifelike, walking, talking robot made in the image of a small girl by Ted Lawson (Dick Christie), an electronic genius from United Robotronics on the syndicated sci-fi series SMALL WONDER/SYN/1985-89.


As the series theme song related "She's fantastic, made of plastic, microchips here and there; she's a small wonder, and brings love and laughter everywhere."

Vicki's name is derived from V.I.C.I.-Voice Input Child Indenticant.

Vicki's many abilities included spinning her head completely around (a la the Exorcist) and lifting large objects like refrigerators with little effort.

When not in use, Vicki stood alone in the bedroom closet of the inventor's young son, Jamie Lawson (Jerry Supiran).

The Lawson's nosy next-door neighbors notified a social welfare agency to investigate a small girl living in their house, so the Lawson's quickly fabricated phony papers and biography on Vicki to protect their experimental robot's identity.

The social worker was informed that V.I.C.I. was actually Victoria Ann Smith and that she was adopted by the Lawson's after her parents died. Because Vicki was still not perfected, the Lawson's had to keep a sharp eye on her sometimes quirky programming.

Speaking with a mechanical staccato, Vicki often repeated key phrases she heard to imprint them on her memory circuits.

The principle component that gave Vicki life was the Waffer Scale Integration System, a Logic and Emotional Stimulator (logic box code number ML5500). She also had solar cells in her eyes for power, a built-in tape recorder, a internal 440 volt micro-generator, and electrical outlets under her arms.

One of Vicki's obvious programming glitches was her insistence on interpreting everything she heard as a literal statement (for example, she jumps when told to "Hop to it!").

Eleven-year-old Tiffany Brissette played Vicki, as well as the role of her evil twin robot Vanessa (an earlier prototype).

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