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Hymie - A self-programming, free thinking and very sensitive robot played by Dick Gautier on the espionage comedy spoof GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70.

Hymie was impervious to bullets, weighed 982 pounds, had an IQ over 200, and was equipped with rechargeable batteries, a television camera, a built-in computer, a copy machine, and a calculator.

Hymie's maintenance schedule required that he oil his teeth twice a day and visit the doctor once a month to get a preventative check-up for rust.

Designed for $1 million by Dr. Ratton for KAOS, a sinister criminal organization, Hymie was originally instructed to seek out and kidnap a scientist named Dr. Shotwire and then destroy Agent 86, Maxwell Smart.

(Don Adams), the bumbling CONTROL agent protecting him.>

Fortunately, the plan backfired and Agent 86 turned Hymie's evil nature to the side of good.

Some of Hymie's programming quirks included smoking circuitry, excessive neatness, and the habit of taking all of his commands literally. When told to "hop to it," he predictably bounced around the room.

Hymie on Table in Lab - GET SMART

Hymie reunited with Maxwell Smart on the TV Movie update Get Smart, Again (2/26/89) where they once again fought the sinister KAOS agent, Siegfried (Bernie Kopell). Partick Warburton played the role of Hymie in the motion picture Get Smart (2008) starring Steve Carrell.

Things you don't want to say to Hymie

Hymie, can you lend me a hand?
(He removes his hand)

Ok Hymie, you can take off now.
(He flaps his arms like a bird)

Hymie, you tickle me.
(He tickles Max)

Hymie, grab a waiter.
(He picks a waiter off the ground)

Okay, Hymie, jump up on the table
(He jumps on an examination table in the doctor's office)

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