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Pimpbot 5000 - Silver robot character with an oversized wiener-shaped head seen on the NBC late night talk show CONAN O'BRIEN in the 1990s.

Conan and Pimpbot 5000 - LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN

Pimpbot shouted such classy lines as "Feeling fine as cherry wine!", "Hey, what it be!", "Get out of my face you jive ass turkey!", and "Got my Ho's in control and a big ass bank roll."

"Ladies and Gentlemen this fellow combines the classic stylings of a 1950's robot with the dynamic flair of a 1970's street pimp....that's right, boys and girls every where, your friend Pimpbot 5000!" -- Conan O'Brien

Pimpbot referred to host Conan O'Brien as White Bread and occasionally threatened people with a switch blade when he got irritated. Pimpbot was proud to say that he kept his "Ho's motivated" and that his "ass" was "silver-plated."

Guest Isabella Rossellini once asked Pimpbot, "Tell me, did you come to turn me out? I'm flattered but I simply can't be your Ho!"

When the Pathfinder landed on Mars in 1997, Pimpbot told America that the robot was actually a pimp named Redbone (aka "King of the Southside") who grew up with Pimpbot on the streets of Shy Town. "The dude was small" said Pimpbot "but the man could use a blade."

In fact, Pathfinder's mission was to "expand his pimping turf." Afterall, "If there's life on Mars, it's got to be horny!"

Pimpbot 5000 - Late Nignt with Conan O'Brien

More Pimpbot 5000 Quotes

  • All the bitches think I'm pretty, bought my face at Circuit City.

  • Bring it on!

  • Dig it! The Pimpbot is here, stylin' and profilin'

  • The FAVOR roosta-head is that I don't slice a pound of cornbeef off yo pale irish ass! (speaking of Conan)

  • Got a brand new high-speed modem and a silver plated scrotum.

  • Got a nose full of candy, and an ass made by Tandy.

  • Gots ta carry lots of cash to bail out the hoes.

  • Got a 40 carat rock, and 40 hoes on every block.

  • I gets regular tune ups from all my sluts, they polish my bolts and tighten my nuts.

  • I gots a score to settle with you white bred.

  • I likes the jewelry, I gots to impress da bitches, check out my stable of fine bitches...

  • I'm a Pimpbot, it is within my program to turn out the hoes.

  • It is within my program to detect the hoes, and I detect you, HO!

  • Kathy Lee gunna look fine in a tube-top!

  • Mess with any of my hoes and I'll cut you.

  • My hardware is state of the art.

  • The Pimpbot is feeling fine, and cherry wine.

  • To all da bitches out there... I will turn... you... out!

  • You turn this bitch loose sucker, or I'll cut you.

  • What's the good word my brutha?!

TRIVIA NOTE: Inspired by the Pimpbot 5000 character, a band from Waikiki assumed the name Pimpbot. The group formed in 2001.

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