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Rhoda - Female robot (played by Julie Newmar) on the sci-fi sitcom MY LIVING DOLL/CBS/1964-65.

Julie Newmar as Rhoda the Robot - MY LIVING DOLL

Rhoda, the "ultimate in feminine composition," (measurements 37-26-36) was created by Dr. Carl Miller (Henry Beckman) for a secret government project (No. AF709) that experimented with sending robots into space.

Programmed to obey all commands, the Robot was given to Air Force psychologist, Dr. Bob McDonald (Robert Cummings) to monitor her psychological development while its creator was out of the country on assignment.

Naming her Rhoda, Bob relocated the robot to his home and informed his neighbors she was Dr. Miller's niece who was boarding with him until his return from overseas.

McDonald's computerized cutie-pie stood five-feet, ten-inches tall, was covered with a low-modulus polyethylene plastic that gave her that human look, and maintained a constant body temperature of 98.6 degrees.

Julie Newmar as Rhoda with Bob Cummings as Dr. Bob McDonald - MY LIVING DOLL
Rhoda & Dr. Bob McDonald

Concealed gadgetry included four small emergency control buttons on her back disguised as birth marks, and a power-off switch discretely located in her right elbow. Her eyes were not only used for vision but also converted incoming light to power her robotic system.

When asked about her knowledge bank Rhoda replied "Ask me any questions you like. My memory bank has been filled with 50 million items of information which I can compute in less than one second."

To help Rhoda assimilate into human culture and to keep tabs on her progress, she was given a job as Dr. McDonald's secretary (she typed 240 wpm).

Complicating matters was Dr. McDonald's neighbor, Dr. Peter Robinson (Jack Mullaney) who fell head over heels in love with Rhoda, unaware that never the "transistors" shall meet.

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