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Twiki - Diminutive silver robot on the sci-fi series BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY/NBC/1979-81.

Twiki the Ambuquad Robot - BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY

Twiki (TWKE-4) was one of thousands of robotic servant drones called Ambuquads (No. 2223-T) specially designed to assist humans.

Captain Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard), a 20th century astronaut stranded 500 years in the future adopted one of these drones, called him Twiki and augmented his programming with personality traits of a 20th century person, thus insuring that Buck had something familiar near him to remind him of his past.

Twiki, Buck, Wilma & Dr. Goodfellow - Cast of BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY
Twiki, Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering & Dr. Goodfellow

Felix Silla, a three-foot actor donned a seven-piece robot suit to become Buck's companion/sidekick. When Twiki talked (voice of Mel Blanc/Bob Elyea) he sounded like an electrical Porky Pig with a "Biddi-Biddi" noise emitted from his voice box.

Tina (Patty Maloney), a gold-plated Ambuquad who fell in love with Twiki while on board a pleasure cruiser, made "Booti-Booti" exclamations.

Twiki also carried a round robot brain called Dr. Theopolis about his chest (Eric Server). See also "Crichton"

Felix Silla as Twiki the robot - BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY
Felix Silla as Twiki the Robot

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