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Urkelbot - Silver mechanical man featured on the family sitcom FAMILY MATTERS/ABC/CBS/1989-98.

Inventor Steven Urkel and his creation - Urkelbot - FAMILY MATTERS
Steven Urkel reveals his latest invention - Urkelbot

Urkelbot (Episode "Robo-Nerd" 11/1/91) was created for a National Robotics contest by Steve Urkel (Jaleel White), an intelligent but nerdish black Chicago teenager.

Urkelbot had artificial intelligence so he could walk, think by itself and doubled its intelligence every 18 minutes and 35 seconds. The robot was made in the likeness of its creator and wore a pair of glasses-rimmed with blinking red lights. When activated Urkelbot proclaimed "I was created by the handsome, intelligent, sexy Steven Q. (Quincy) Urkel."

All went well until the robot saw Steve's love-interest, Laura Winslow (Kellie Shanygne Williams) and commented "Whoa Mama!" and "I will not rest until she is mine." Later Urkelbot cornered Laura and said "Come on Baby, Let's energize."

The berserk robot was finally deactivated by carbon dioxide spray from a fire extinguisher. When Laura asked Steve Urkel to destroy Urkelbot, he explained that Urkelbot was a machine with feelings. The only thing he was guilty of was having good taste. Steve later made a robot in Laura's image which he called Laurabot.

Urkelbot was built by Kenny Meyers, the creator of special makeup effects for the motion pictures Back to the Future II & III and Star Trek V. The robot's head, sculpted from lightweight fiberglass, was radio-controlled with motors that operated its flapping ears and flashing eyes.

Michael "Shrimp" Chambers was the talented actor beneath the robot's silver body who gave Urkelbot life and provided its backwards moon-walking steps (a la Michael Jackson).

Urkelbot Fight Crime - FAMILY MATTERS

The Urkelbot was reactivated on the 4/24/92 episode "Robo-Nerd II" for law enforcement use to help solve a rash of convenience store robberies on Carl Winslow's beat.  

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