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Westworld Robots - Futuristic humanoid robots based at an amusement park on the short-lived (5 episodes) science-fiction series BEYOND WESTWORLD/CBS/1980.

Female Robot Circuitry - BEYOND WESTWORLD

Owned by the Delos Corporation, the world's largest company, Westworld is a huge entertainment complex complete with robots that assist visitors in carrying out their most wild fantasies.

Their robots are covered with a skin-like material and for the most part can not be distinguished from a real human. These humanoids populate the complex as workers and participants in the events at Westworld.

Scientist Simon Quaid (James Wainwright) and Joseph Oppenheimer (William Jordan) attempts to use these robots as pawns in their plan for world conquest so he can turn the planet into a utopian society.

Quaid used his robots in a number of nefarious plots, including

  • Planting a robot planted aboard a nuclear sub.
  • Controlling of an oil empire by eliminating family members.
  • Smuggling an atomic bomb out of the country via a rock band.
  • Sabotaging a car manufacturer's racing team to gain control of the company's new engine.
  • Infiltrating police protection for a governor.

Connie Sellecca as Pemala Williams and Jim McMullan as John Moore - BEYOND WESTWORLD
Pamela and John

John Moore (Jim McMullan), Security Chief at Delos and Pamela Williams (Connie Sellecca), his assistant join forces to foil Quaid's fiendish plans.

Westworld DVD Cover

Robotic head of Yul Brynner as the Gunfighter in the film WESTWORLD

The series is based on the Michael Crichton movie script Westworld (1973) and the sequel Futureworld (1976) starring Yul Brenner as the out-of-control robot gunfighter in black.

The author later reworked his initial idea of a theme park gone crazy with the box-office hit Jurassic Park (1993).  

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