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Chip 'n' Dale - A delightful pair of mischievous brown-furrry chipmunks who first appeared in the Walt Disney theatrical animation Private Pluto (1943).

Chip 'N' Dale on the High Seas

Talking with high-pitch, speeded up voices Chip 'n' Dale interacted with such characters as Mickey Mouse, Pluto the Pup, and Donald Duck.

Years later, dressed in a Indiana Jones like leather jackets and hats, Chip (and Dale in Hawaiian Shirts) starred in the weekday cartoon series CHIP 'N DALE'S RESCUE RANGERS/SYN/1989-92 as they aided other animals with the assistance of friends Monterrey Jack, Gadget, and Zipper.

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

TRIVIA NOTE: The Chip 'n' Dale characters were named by assistant director Bea Selck for the eighteenth century furniture maker Thomas Chippendale. Oh, by the way, Chip has the black nose; Dale has the red. Their voices were provided by Jim Macdonald and Dessie Flynn

Chip 'n' Dale Comic Books - DISNEY

Chip 'n' Dale Comic Books - DISNEY

Chip 'n' Dale Comic Books - DISNEY

Disney Chip 'n' Dale Comic Books

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