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Sugar Pops Pete - One of the earliest I.D. characters created for television was Kellogg's western clad prairie dog called Sugar Pops Pete, whose catchphrase jingle chimed "Sugar Pops are Tops!"

Sugar Pops Pete - KELLOGG'S CEREAL

Sugar Pops Pete sported a ten-gallon hat and holster with sugar-spraying six guns and fought the nasty outlaw, Billy the Kidder, (who was so bad that "he wouldn't even help his mother do the dishes!") and the villainous newspaper editor Bad News Daily.

Script of a 1950s Kellogg's TV Commercial

Deputy: Marshall! Marshall! There' a free-for-all, they're fighting and shooting and making noise
Marshal:l Don't worry about it [Sitting in his office, the Marshal fires a bullet across the street to the saloon that hits a chandelier which falls onto the people fighting.
Deputy: Marshall! Marhall! Outlaws just held up the bank and made awful faces
Marshall: Don't worry about. [Sitting in his office, the Marshall grabs a rope, throws it out of the door, lassos the escaping robbers off their horses and pulls them into the jail and behind bars]
Deputy: Marshall! The grocery store just burned down with all the food and the Sugar Pops
Marshall: The Sugar Pops?
Deputy: The Sugar Pops!
Marshall: That does it.
Deputy: What you gonna do?
Marshall: Worry.
Deputy: Look its Sugar Pops Pete!
Sugar Pops Pete: With my Sugar Popper I can rustle up enough Kellogg's Sugar Pops for every one. And there in a snack pack, too.
Everyone: [Singing] "Oh the Pops are sweeter and the taste is new. They're shot with sugar, through and through."
Marshall: Poppin' good for breakfast
Deputy: There's no milk
Marshall: Poppin' good for snacks
Deputy: Marshall! Marshall!
Marshall: You know Deputy, I'm worried about you.

When Sugar Pops Pete shot his guns, a sparkling spray of sugar showered the bad guys and turned even the meanest hombre "sweet" as they could be ["Oh, the Pops are sweeter and the taste is new. They're shot with sugar, through and through"].

The ad campaign was created by Leo Burnett Agency in the 1950s.

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