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Speedy Gonzales -The "fastest mouse in all Mexico" on a series of cartoons made by Warner Brothers.

Speedy Gonzales - WARNER BROTHERS

Speedy wore a typical peon outfit of white with a red kerchief around his neck and a large brimmed sombrero on his head. Speedy debuted in the Merrie Melodie cartoon Cat-Tails for Two (8/29/1953).

When he sped through the Ajax Cheese Company in search of food he screamed "Arriba, Arriba! Andale! Arriba, Arriba Yeee-Haaah!"

Sylvester the Cat first chased this swift mouse in the Oscar®-winning Speedy Gonzales (1955). Some of Speedy's cartoons featured his opposite, the world's slowest mouse, Slow Poke Rodriquez.

Speedy appeared on segments of THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW/ABC/1960-62, THE BUGS BUNNY/ROAD RUNNER SHOW/CBS/1971-78 and costarred in THE DAFFY/SPEEDY SHOW/NBC/1981.

Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester the Cat - WARNER BROTHERS

In 1962, our fleet-of-foot rodent inspired a hit song entitled "Speedy Gonzales," performed by the squeaky-clean pop rock singer, Pat Boone.

When Warner Brothers discontinued making the Speedy cartoons in 1968, they loaned his voice out (Mel Blanc) to the Frito Bandito, a Mexican outlaw who was an animated commercial spokesperson for Frito-Lay Corn Chips.

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