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Mr. Floppy  - Cynical talking bunny rabbit on the situation comedy UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER/WB/1995-99.

Mr. Floppy the Bunny Rabbit - UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER
Cast of the show with Mr. Floppy

When used-car salesman Jack Malloy (Geoff Pierson) got divorced, his youngest son Ross (Justin Berfield) gave his dad a stuffed bunny named Mr. Floppy to keep him company.

Miraculously, Jack discovered that Mr. Floppy talked (mostly sniped) but only when Jack was alone with him (Floppy was the manifestation of Jack's alter ego).

Mr. Floppy grew up in a half-price toy bin and has always felt inferior to the other full price retail store toys. His former friends included GI Joe, Barney and Wolverine of the X-Men.

Mr. Floppy's love life has also been quite interesting. He has been married six times, but one of them doesn't count because it was not a doll but the "shoe" from the Monopoly game (he was really drunk that night). And he has dated Barbie (until GI Joe stole her), Barbie's friend Skipper and has obsessed over "getting it on" with actress Drew Barrymore.

The Mr. Floppy puppet was operated by Allan Trautman. Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait provided Mr. Floppy's voice.

Mr. Floppy

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