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Trix Rabbit - Sleepy-eyed white rabbit mascot of the General Mills breakfast cereal, Trix since the 1960s.

Trix Rabbit - General Mills Cereal

The commercials featured a rabbit who didn't like the conventional foods that rabbits ate. As he said in his black & white debut in 1961 "I'm a rabbit, and rabbits are supposed to like carrots. But I hate carrots. I like Trix!"

The Rabbit's love for the "raspberry red, lemon yellow, orange orange" taste of Trix cereal forced him to dress in disguises of all sorts to beg, borrow or steal Trix from the neighborhood children. Unfortunately, all his work ended with the same negative reply, "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids!"

During the election year of 1976, a campaign was launched to see if the Rabbit should finally get some get Trix. Children wrote letters and voted 99% in favor of letting the rabbit eat his heart's desire. The Rabbit was awarded a whole bowl of Trix. However, when he asked for more, the kids said, "Wait till the next election."

The ad campaign was created by the Dancer, Fitzgerald & Sample Advertising Agency. Russell Horton provided the voice of the Trix Rabbit.

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