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Gary the Rat - Corrupt Wall Street attorney who one day mysteriously turned into a rat on the animated series GARY THE RAT/SPI/2003.

Gary the Rat

First produced as a series of flash-animation “webisodes” at, Gary the Rat followed the misadventures of Gary Milford Andrews (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), a talented but ruthless attorney who likes to take cases that defend such groups as the Tobacco Industry.

Gary doesn't know why he was turned into a rat, but suspects that if he changes his ways and becomes a better person then and only then will he turn back to a human.

Being a rat, Gary has developed a love for cheese and so he buys mass quantities of it from Ye Olde Cheese Shoppe.

Gary's acquaintances are:

  • Jackson Buford Harrison (voiced by Billy Gardell), Gary's similarly greedy and corrupt boss who decides to retain Gary at the law firm despite his appearance
  • Truman Theodore Pinksdale (voiced by Spencer Garrett), a tenant in Gary's expensive apartment building who doesn't like living near a six-foot rat
  • Johnny Horatio Bugz (voiced by Robb Cullen), an exterminator hired by Pinksdale to eradicate Gary
  • Gary's mother who constantly calls him on the phone
  • Douglas “Bud” Sternberger, a druggie who thinks Gary is a dog.

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