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Ricky Rat - Sewer rat seen on comedy program SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE/NBC/1975+ skit called "The Rickey Rat Club," a spoof of the classic 1950s children program THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB.

Ricky the Rat Club - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

On this irreverent version Rickey was a rat from Harlem and Mr. Mike (Michael O'Donoghue) was their leader. Each member wore a rodent snout and hat with ears. Their program signed off with "See you in the sewers, suckers! Why? Because we're vermin!"

Club members included:

  • John Belushi as Sleezeball 
  • Gilda Radner as Annette 
  • Garrett Morris as Ben 
  • Bill Murray as Willard
  • Buck Henry as Bucky
  • Jane Curtin as Phlegma
  • Dan Aykroyd as Scumbo 
  • Laraine Newman as Stinky

Excerpt from original sketch on SNL (11/19/1977)

Bucky: Hiya, Rat-keteers!

Rat-Keteers: HIYA, BUCKY!

Bucky: Do you all know what today is?


Bucky: That's right, Rat-keteers, and why do we have Anything Bad Can Happen Day?


Bucky: Thaaat's right! And why is it good for something bad to happen?

Phlegma: 'Cause real life is full of horrible things and the faster we learn to like it, the better!

Bucky: That's right, Phlegm-o[sic], it's a dog-eat-dog jungle out there, and I'm training you kids to come out on the top of the heap, just like Rickey did!

Stinky: Oh, Bucky? Some of us who've never been Rat-keteers before were wondering what happened to the Rat-keteers from last year!

Bucky: Well, Stinky, remember when we helped science by confining all the Rat-keteers in a small, dark closet to see if they'd turn homosexual?

slezeball: Ohhh... You mean on, uh, Overcrowding Day!

Bucky: That's right, Slezeball! Well, the experiment was a big success, and almost all of them came out of the closet!

Rat-Keteers: YAAAAYYY!

Phlegma: Anyway, it's FUN being a Rat-keteer!

Annette: Yeah, we love Rickey, 'cause he's not some cute, stupid cartoon mouse like Mickey!

Ben: We love Rickey 'cause he's a rat, and he's real, and he's from Harlem!

slezeball: Yeah! Well, we love him 'cause he came up the hard way, just like Rocky, y'know?

Rat-Keteers: Yeah!

Stinky: Hey! Where IS Rickey?

Rat-Keteers: Yeah! We wanna see Rickey!

Bucky: Okay, Scumbo, Bring out Rickey!

[SCUMBO hands BUCKY a small cage containing a live rat]

Bucky: [attempting to make the rat talk via ventriloquism] "Hiii, Rat-keteers!"

Rat-Keteers: HI, RICKEY!

Scumbo: Wait a minute, Bucky! This isn't the same Rickey from last week!

Stinky: Yeah, this doesn't look like Rickey!

Willard: Well, this ISN'T Rickey! Our Rickey had progressive tail mange!

Bucky: (groping for an alibi) Uh... well! Uh... yeah, that's right! Uh, this is... This is Rickey's twin brother, DICKEY! This is DICKEY Rat!

Rat-Keteers: Ohhhhh...

Scumbo: What happened to Rickey, Bucky?

Bucky: Uh, this week Rickey's been helping science!

Scumbo: Doing what?

Bucky: Testing cyclamates!

Ben: Is that where he is now?

Bucky: No, actually, he's... he's in rat hospital. And he says to say hello, and that you should all make Dickey here feel welcome!

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