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Alien Sex
Tenctonese Sex  - On the sci-fi series ALIEN NATION/FOX/1989-91, a race of alien beings from the planet Tencton (a.k.a. "The Newcomers") were stranded on Earth and settled into Little Tencton, an area of Los Angeles.

Tenctonese Birthing Ceremony - ALIEN NATION

One of the first things the aliens discovered was that vibrations from the high-pitch tone of the emergency broadcast signal regularly transmitted on TV and radio sexually aroused the Tenctonese women.

In addition., their method of procreation was also quite unique. For the Newcomers to conceive, a third person known as a "binnaum," a Tenctonese male capable of preparing the female for fertilization, was required. (There are two kinds of Newcomer males, gannaum and binnaum.

Fertilization of the female's egg requires both types of male). Only a few hundred out of every 135,000 aliens could fertilize the female eggs (one binnaum for every 600-700 females). These individuals formed a brotherhood and each of them service hundreds of females a year.

The ceremony of fertilization is shared by close friends. While holding burning candles, those in attendance discretely turned their backs on the female as the binnaum prepared her for her spouse.

The binnaum "prepares the channel with the catalyzing emission," and the gannaum (the father) provides the sperm. The binnaum does not contribute genetically to the offspring, however.

Another strange fact about the alien sex behavior-the male, not the female gave birth. The pod is initially carried by the female then given to the male to incubate and finally deliver.

Det. George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint) delivered his child while on duty with the assistance of his human partner Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham) who himself had fallen for a pretty Newcomer neighbor, a biochemist named Cathy Frankel (Terri Treas). They shared their first kiss in May 1990.

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