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Classic TV Babes
Baywatch Babes - A bevy of buxom female lifeguards in snug, red (or yellow) one-piece swimsuits seen on the popular beach adventure BAYWATCH/NBC/SYN/1989-2001

Pamela Anderson as Casey Jean 'CJ' Parker - BAYWATCH

The roster of Baywatch babes includes:

  • Krista Allen as Jenna Avid;
  • Pamela Anderson as Casey Jean "C.J." Parker
  • Marliece Andrada as Skylar Bergman
  • Traci Bingham as Jordan Tate
  • Yasmine Bleeth as Caroline Holden
  • Angelica Bridges as Lt. Taylor Walsh
  • Brooke Burns as Jessica "Jessie" Owens
  • Donna D'Errico as Donna Marco
  • Nicole Eggert as Roberta "Summer" Quinn
  • Carmen Electra as Leilani "Lani" McKenzie
  • Erika Eleniak as Shauni McClain
  • Holly Gagnier as Gina Pomeroy
  • Stacy Kamano as Kekoa Tanaka
  • Mitzi Kapture as Alexis "Alex" Ryker
  • Brandy Ledford as Dawn Masterton
  • Simmone Mackinnon as Allie Reese
  • Gena Lee Nolin as Neely Capshaw
  • Kelly Packard as April Giminski
  • Alexandra Paul as Lt. Stephanie Holden
  • Brande Roderick as Leigh Dyer
  • Nancy Valen as Capt. Samantha Thomas
  • Kelly Vaughn as Nancy
  • Shawn Weatherly as Jill Riley

Two of the most avid Baywatch fans were TV characters themselves, namely, Chandler Bing (Mathew Perry) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc) from the NBC sitcom FRIENDS (1994-2004).

These two guys loved the show and often sat home in their comfortable lounge chairs staring at the TV screen and watching the Baywatch women as they ran, bounced and frolicked in slow motion along the sunny beaches of Malibu, California (and later, the beaches of Hawaii).

On one episode, Chandler sat watching the TV with his pet chick which he named Yasmine. After a moment, he turns to his chick and says, "That's Yasmine Bleeth, she's a completely different kind of chick. I love you both, but in very different ways."

(An excerpt from episode "The One Where Eddie Moves In")

Joey: Well OK then. Was that the oven timer?
Chandler: That's right my friend. It's time for...
Both: Baywatch!!
Joey: Oh, can you believe they gave Stephanie skin cancer?
Chandler: I still can't believe they promoted her to lieutenant.
Joey: Naa, you're just sayin' that 'cause you're in love with Yasmine Bleeth.
Chandler:: Well, how could anyone not be in love with Yasmine Bleeth?
Joey: Hey, hey, they're runnin'
Chandler: See, this is the brilliance of the show. I say always keep them running. All the time, running. Run. Run Yasmine, run like the wind.

Some of the Most Popular Baywatch Babes




Alexandra Paul Nicole Eggert Erika Elaniak
Yasmine Gena Traci Marliece
Gena Lee
Carmen Donna Angelica Kelly

TRIVIA NOTE: Pamela Anderson left her role as Lisa, the Tool Time Girl (1991-93) on ABC's HOME IMPROVEMENT series to play the role of C.J. Parker on the BAYWATCH series. Her decision to leave the show paid off big and she soon became an internationally known actress and model.

Ironically, although popular all over the world with one billion viewers in 140 countries, the series BAYWATCH was ranked as one of the top ten "worst" US imports into Britain, according to a 2004 poll of UK broadcasting executives in Broadcast magazine.

The other loser series on the list were The Anna Nicole Show, The Dukes of Hazzards, Wild Palms, Manimal, The Jerry Springer Show, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, The Bold and the Beautiful and Extreme Makeover.

The best foreign shows topping the list were The Simpsons (the "undisputed champion of US imports") followed by M*A*S*H, 24, The Larry Sanders Show and Hill Street Blues.

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