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The Coors Light Twins - Beautiful pair of blue-eyed blonde twin corporate mascots who represent the Coors Beer Company.

Coors-Light Twins played by Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski

Dressed in cheerleader outfits, the blonde duo show off their curvaceous "bods" and delightful smiles in a series of popular Coors Light beer commercials themed "Here's to Football."

The Twins are played by Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski who first appeared in ads during the 2002-2003 NFL season. (They're actually in their thirties but billed as 26-year-old twins).

Born the youngest daughters of Polish immigrant factory workers in a family of five, Diane and Elaine attended Leicester High School in Worcester, Massachusetts. Dancers from the age of four, they started working professionally at age thirteen.

Streaming .mpg samples of their music CD "KLONE" can be found at

The Twins have also performed in several movies including the Leslie Nielsen spoof Spy Hard (1996); The Flintstones 2: Viva Rock Vegas (2000), and a cameo in the horror spoof Scary Movie 3 (2003).

Their characters are prominently mentioned in the Coors Light ad theme lyrics. See them below.

Lyrics from Coors Light Ad

I love playing two-hand touch
Eating way too much
Watching my team win
With the twins

I love quarterbacks eating dirt
Pom-poms and short skirts
Fans who won’t quit
And those twins

And I love you, too
Here’s to football!
Alternate ad lyrics
I love football on TV
Shots of Gina Lee
Hanging with my friends
And twins

I love burritos at four a.m.
Parties that never end
Dogs that love cats
And...and twins
And I love you, too
Here's to love songs!

Coors-Light Twins played by Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski

Lyrics from Movie Promo

I love
"Scary Movie 3"
Women on TV
A party that's jumpin'
And twins

I love
Friends who stay in touch
Screamin' heard too much
A white boy who's rappin'
And twins

And I love you, too

Announcer: Check out the Coors Light twins in
"Scary Movie 3."

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