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Golddiggers, The - The collective name for a troupe of beautiful dancers introduced in 1967 on the comedy variety THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW/NBC/1965-74.

The Golddiggers - THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW

The Golddiggers also appeared on the summer series DEAN MARTIN PRESENTS THE GOLDDIGGERS/NBC/1968-73, THE GOLDDIGGERS IN LONDON/NBC/1970 the spin-off THE GOLDDIGGERS/SYN/1971 and the DEAN MARTIN SPECIAL/NBC/1977.

The Golddiggers consisted of a group of ten to twelve dancers but nearly 40 women appeared as Golddiggers during the life of the show.

The Golddiggers sole purpose was to be eye candy for the TV viewers. During the show, they did dance routines, showed off their lovely legs or sat quietly near Dean Martin as he performed his musical numbers. Four of the Golddiggers later became known as The Ding-a-Ling Sisters during the 1970-73 seasons.

Golddiggers who appeared on the show
(*) = one of the original Golddiggers


Pauline Antony
Wanda Bailey

Pamela Beth*
Lindsey Bloom
Nancy Boneti*
Kathy Brimer*
Susan Cadham
Jimmie Cannon
Karen Cavenaugh
Lolita Chapel
Jackie Chidsey
Paula Cinko
Rosetta Cox
Lee Crawford
Leslie Dalton*
Merry Elkins
Michelle Della Fave
Joyce Garro
Peggy Hansen*
Jayne Kennedy

Tara Leigh,
Diana Liekhaus*
Susan Lund
Rebecca Jones
Liz Kelly
Sheila Mann
Debra McFarlain*
Micki McGlone
Patricia Mickey
Francie Mendenhall
Cheryl Lynn*
Brenda Powell*
Nancy Reichert
Barbara Sanders
Cheryl Lynn Steiner*
Debbie Thomanson*
Sheryl Ullman
Janice Whitby
Mary K. Wright*
Karen Yarbrough

TRIVIA NOTE: In the 1930s, Warner Brothers produced a series of "Gold Digger" musicals based on Avery Hopwood's 1919 play. The movies (which featured spectacular stage numbers and choreography by Busby Berkeley) included The Gold Diggers (1923), Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929), The Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933), The Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935) The Gold Diggers of 1937 (1937), and Gold Diggers in Paris (1938).

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