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The Juggies - A bevy of 10 beautiful but scantily-clad women who prance around the set of THE MAN SHOW/COM/2001-2004.

The Juggies - THE MAN SHOW

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carrolla (later Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope), the raunchy show featured everything a man could allegedly want in a show, namely beer, Juggies, midgets and girls on trampolines, and lest me forget dirty sketches, chats about masturbation, man-in-the-street bits, household hints from porn stars, fart jokes and other such silliness

At the start of the show, the Juggies dance for the show's hosts and the audience members in outfits that correspond to the theme of the day.

During the show the Juggy Girls dance suggestively before and after commercial break.

At the end of the show, The Juggies appear on a segment called "Girls on Tramolines" That's right, they just bounce up and down in slow motion and jiggle for the pleasure of their horny male onlookers.

During one behind the scene feature, the viewing audience took an exclusive tour inside the Juggies’ dressing room to find out what it takes to prepare six hot girls for a show.

The MAN SHOW also held a "jugtacular" contest that promised that the winner would be flow to Las Vegas to party with the Juggies.

The Ultimate fantasy Sweepstake winner was James Bokowski of Chicago. The Juggy Girls were featured in the October 2002 issue of Playboy magazine.

Theme Song Lyrics

Sing Along!!

Grab a beer and drop your pants...
Send the wife and kid to France!

It's the Man Show!!!

Quit your job and light a fart...
Yank your favorite private part!

It's the Man Show!!!

It's a place where men can come together...
Look at the cans on this chick, her name's Heather!
Juggy girls on trampolines...
Time to loosen those blue jeans!

It's the Man Show!!!

While interviewing wanna-be Juggies for the program, each girl was asked a variety of question including what they had to say about dating. Here are some of their insights from the "Potential Juggies Guide to Dating."

Dream Date: Lots of shopping lots of of sex.

Songs that get you n the mood: Welcome to the jungle.

Pet Peeves: Hairy backs ands smelly pigs, fart and burp in front of anyone, guys who say "I'm gonna get a job."

Fashion Tips: Shave the hair in your ears and nose. Get a turbo trimmer please.

Juggy Credits

Za Kari A. Asher  
(as Za' Kari Asher)
Juggy Dancer (1999-2000)
Crystal Colar Juggy Dancer (2003-04)
Julie Costello Juggy Dancer (2000-2003)
Shawnie Costello
(as Chanie Costello)
Juggy Dancer (2000-2003)
Angelique Gorges Juggy Dancer
Paula Harrison Juggy Dancer (1999-2003)
Christie Hemme Juggy Dancer (2003-04)
Vanessa Kay Juggy Dancer
Patti Kim Juggy Dancer (1999-2003)
Joanna Krupa Juggy Dancer (2002-2003)
Dani Lee Juggy Dancer (2000-2002)
Lisa Ligon Juggy Dancer (2003-04)
Nicole Pulliam
(as Niki Pulliam)
Juggy Dancer (2001-2003)
Arlene Nicole Rodriguez
(as Nicole Rodriguez)
Juggy Dancer (1999-2002)
Kathryn Smith Juggy Dancer (2003-04)
Rachel Sterling Juggy Dancer (2002-2003)
Jenifer Strovas
(as Jennifer Strovas)
Juggy Dancer (1999-2000)
Suzanne Talhouk Juggy Dancer (1999-2003)
Sharon Turner Juggy Dancer

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