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Voluptua - A sizzling, sexy but short-lived sensation seen on late night Los Angeles television in the 1950s.

Voluptua (a.k.a. Gloria Pall) was a buxom blonde (Size 42-C Bra) hired by executive producer Hunt Stromberg, Jr. to act as hostess of "Voluptua and the Love Movies," a series of "B" romantic movies broadcast on Channel 7 in Hollywood beginning in December, 1954.

With a heart-shaped mole adorning her cheek, Voluptua laid near a round satin couch and gold telephone and greeted her late night viewers (mostly male) with her sexy opening line: "Welcome to my boudoir."

Continuing her seductive delivery, she urged her audience to "Take off your coat, ties...anything you want to take off. Just be comfortable."

By the end of the program, Voluptua would be suggestively dressed in a necktie and a pair of man's pajamas, bidding her audience goodnight by kissing the camera lens.

Unfortunately, her video flirting aggravated a number of jealous wives and angry church groups who petitioned the ABC affiliate to "can" the curvaceous cutey.

When the FCC threatened to cancel the station's license, they took Voluptua off the air. But while she lasted. Va-va-va-voom!

Voluptua's earlier career credits included Miss Flatbush of 1947; a pinup model in the magazines Gala, Pix, and Man to Man; and "Miss Cleavage" by Stars & Stripes magazine.

As of the 1980s Voluptua was reportedly selling real estate in southern California.

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