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Monica Lewinsky - Just a few years after the sexual harassment allegations of Anita Hill against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, came the under-the-covers (or should I say under-the-desk) shenanigans of married President Bill Clinton who was accused of having a sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky, a graduate of Lewis & Clark College who was hired to work as an intern at the White House during Clinton's first term.

Monica Lewinsky with President Clinton
Monica Lewinsky with President Clinton

With the urging of the Republican backed Congress, (who found no convincing evidence on their initial charges of alleged corruption in the White Water Affair), President Bill Clinton was impeached based on his testimony given to independent counsel prosecutor Ken Starr concerning Monica Lewinsky.

Although many Americans believed that Clinton did have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, the air of contempt for the political establishment for daring to intrude into the private life of an individual's sexual affairs (among other issues) helped sway the voting by a narrow margin to acquit Clinton of the impeachment charges.

The investigations into the President's extracurricular activities were prompted by tape recordings made by Pentagon employee Linda Tripp who recorded hours of conversations she had with her supposed friend Monica Lewinsky as she related her on-going and later failed love affair with President Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky's testimony revealed such intimate practices as using cigars during their sexual interludes as well as her many oral sex encounters she had with the President (who revealed that in his philosophy since penetration did not occur - a.k.a. intercourse - he therefore was not actually having "sexual relations" with the young woman). Clinton had insisted during his testimony that "I did not have sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky.

After President Clinton was acquitted of the impeachment charges (TV Guide ran an ad for MAD TV with the banner "I Still Got a Job!...Cigars for Everybody!"), Monica Lewinsky appeared on a March 3, 1999 ABC 20/20 Barbara Walter's special informing the public of her feeling on the matter (she revealed Clinton was "a good kisser," but offered little new information) as well as plugging her book Monica's Story released the same week.

The entire Clinton/Lewinsky fiasco wasted more than a year of television air time, and became the fodder for countless news broadcasters, talk show hosts and on-the-air magazine programs like DRUDGE, GERALDO, CHARLES GRODIN, HARD COPY, INSIDE EDITION, LARRY KING LIVE, POLITICALLY INCORRECT, 700 CLUB, and THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno.

And just as the door seemed to close on this sordid scandal, accusations from a women named Juanita Broaddrick about sexual-assault improprieties began to peak its ugly head through the doors of the White House in the spring of 1999.

As for Hillary Clinton, she concentrated on more important issues and ran for the senate in New York State (and won). And of course, later ran as a Democratic nominee for President in 2008 (and almost won).

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