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Seinfeld "Dolores" Story - On the episode "The Junior Mint" of the popular sitcom SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 comedian Jerry Seinfeld can't recall the name of a girl he once dated (which rhymes with a female body part).

Jerry and Mulva - Courtesy of Castle Rock Entertainment

At the show's conclusion Jerry rules out all the possibilities (Aretha, Bovary, Celeste, Gipple & Mulva) and then finally cries "Dolores!" (played by Susan Walters). Jerry reunites with Dolores on episode "The Foundation."

Woman: You don't know my name do you?
Jerry: [embarrassed] Yes, I do.
Woman: What is it?
Jerry: It, ah, rhymes with a female body part.
Woman: [insistent] What is it?
Jerry: [desperate] Mulva?
  -- Episode excerpt "The Junior Mint"

Many thought the show's premise was clever including one Jerold MacKenzie, 54, a manager at the Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee.

Unfortunately, when he discussed the show's storyline the next day with female colleague, Patricia Best (he showed her a photocopied dictionary definition of the anatomical part in question when she didn't get the punch line) she complained to her supervisors.

A few days later Mackenzie was fired. He sued and in October of 1997, the Milwaukee courts awarded him $1.5 million after the jury decided the joke did not qualify as sexual harassment.

The Miller Brewing Company appealed the verdict.

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